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Identifiers and Lock-ups

To our customers and end-users, our brand symbolizes our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation. To our organization, it represents the passion we have for mobilizing and connecting people all around the world.

Our Signature

Our signature is the most recognizable identifier for our brand. Follow these guidelines to maintain consistency and drive impact. Be sure to treat it with tender loving care.

Signature Components

The Motorola Solutions signature is made up of the Emsignia, often referred to as the "batwing" (circular disc + M) and the Wordmark (Motorola Solutions). Together they make up one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

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Records Management System

Records Management

Signature Configurations



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There are 3 categories of signature usage, with criteria that determines which configuration / component you should use, depending on your need.

1. Primary Usage - Full Siganature

Exclusively use our Full Signature in ALL internal and external communications, and marketing materials.

Use the Full Signature:

  • To represent our Brand and Company
  • When referring to us as a legal business entity
  • In all internal and external communications, marketing materials and collateral
  • For all communication to Channel Partners
  • In all Channel Partner marketing materials
  • For all product naming
  • In tradeshow branding and booth attire
  • In all facility branding and building signage

2. Secondary - Emsignia only

Only use the Emsignia alone, when space is limited and/or the full Motorola Solutions Signature has been established in a lead position.

Use the Emsignia alone only when:

  • Space is limited and none of the Full Signature configurations (horizontal / vertical) will fit into the available space
  • The Full Signature is used in the lead position prominently and clearly(i.e., the Full Signature is on the title slide of a PTT and all subsequent slides have the Emsignia only

3. Product Usage only

These configurations can only be used in product branding:

  • The Motorola logo is the preferred configuration on products.
  • There are products that have limited space for branding. In those instances, it is ok to use the Emsignia.
  • The Motorola Wordmark is also permitted on products when there is limited space available.

Signature Color Palette

  • Only use approved artwork available in the "Downloads" section
  • The Emsignia disk color can only be reproduced using our standard color palette. (Do NOT use colors from our "expanded" color palette which consists of tints and shades of our standard colors) - Standard colors only!
  • The “M” in the Emsignia is always either white or black. Do NOT cut out the "M"
  • The Wordmark is always either white or black ONLY

Clear Space

  • A clear space of X (when X equals the size of the Emsignia) must be maintained on all 4 sides of our Signature. This area should be kept free of any graphic or typographic elements to ensure readability
  • The minimum clear space for the signature is equal to double the height of the "M" in the Wordmark
  • Maintain this clear area on all four sides of the horizontal and vertical signatures
  • Keep brand marks free of distracting graphic elements and type.
  • Do not create relationships with other logos or graphic elements that can be interpreted as a lockup

Minimum Size For Print

The minimum size of the Emsignia is 21px on screen, or 0.25 in (6.35mm) in print, measured by the height of the M.

In exceptional circumstances, smaller sizes for print my be necessary (e.g., print merchandise). In such cases, legibility should always be your top priority.

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Wordmark Color

The wordmark is always either black or white and works alongside an Emsignia of any color from our "standard" color palette.

Background Color

Brand marks may be placed over any background color and image that provide sufficient contrast for legibility.

On White

On white backgrounds, the Emsignia stylizes “M” should only be in white with the disk color selected from our standard color palette. The Motorola Solutions wordmark should only appear in black.

Signature Dont's

Do Not: Wordmark and emsignia

Do not apply the Emsignia color to the wordmark.

Do not apply colors outside of our standard color palette to the Emsignia.

Do not apply colors to the Emsignia that result in insufficient contrast against the background.

Do not place brand marks over distracting backgrounds.

Do Not: Signature Colors on backgrounds

On colored backgrounds, the Emsignia “M” should only be white with the disk color selected from our standard color palette. Be sure to have enough of a value difference between the disk and the background color to ensure visibility. The Wordmark should only appear in either black or white, depending on the value of the background color or image, and it should never appear in any other color.

Do not knock out the Emsignia from a color background.

Do not knock out the Emsignia or use black type on a dark background.

Do not knock out the Emsignia from a photographic background.

Do not use an Emsignia with a disk color that is not legible against the background.

Do Not:

Redraw, distort, rotate, animate, separate, cropped, add to or manipulate in any way. Only use approved signature artwork (located in the "Downloads" section)

Do not serparate the "M" from the disk

Do not outline the disk

Do not crop the Emsignia

Do not scale or reposition the "M"

Do not use the Emsignia in place of a letter "M" or "W"

Do not use the Emsignia as a background pattern

Do Not:

Redraw, distort, rotate, animate, separate, cropped, add to or manipulate in any way. Only use approved signature artwork (located in the "Downloads" section)

Do not stack the wordmark in the horizontal configuraiton

Do not change the scale of the signature elements

Do not add treatments to the signature (glow, bevel, shadows, etc.)

Do not replace the "M" in the wordmark with the emsignia

Do Not:

Do not add effects

Do not color the "M"

Do not make the "M" a window or transparent

Do not add patterns or shading to the "M"

Do not add patterns or shading to the disk

Do not add texture to the disk

Do Not: No Lock-Ups

Our goal is to build strong visual and verbal impact for our masterbrand. Do not lock up any business or group names, product line name, text, or unapproved product brands with the Motorola brand marks..


Acquisition "Transition" Branding

As we continue to expand our portfolio through acquisitions, it is important to understand both the short and long-term brand strategy for each. Once an acquisition has been officially announced to the public, "a Motorola Solutions Company" in Univers 57 bold condensed in title case, is added to the newly acquired company logo. The longer-term brand strategy is determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration a multitude of criteria.

Have questions about how to properly use our logo or other brand features? Contact us at