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This section provides examples of your best work. It will be updated regularly to reflect your most recent projects.



There is nothing more powerful and extraordinary than walking in our customers’ shoes - literally. And it's even more significant when it involves a dark, smoke filled room, a few pounds of gear and the heat of a roaring fire. In those moments, you get to truly understand their world and how our products and solutions support them in those critical situations. Hear the story from our employees' perspective, as they experience a day in the life of a firefighter. Understand the valuable lessons they learned as part of the experience and, more importantly, how that intel helps them to advance the lifeline.

  • The story is powerful and emotional and uses their first person account to “draw you in” and make you feel as if you are with them throughout this experience.

  • The visuals, music and mood further contribute to the significance of their journey.

Celebrating our internal heroes

Our employees are one of our greatest assets. This video recognizes the incredible work of the Devices Engineering team, highlighting their tireless work ethic and the contributions they make to ensure our devices help keep customers safe and businesses thriving.

  • While the video illustrates the cross-functional collaboration required to bring a device to market, and the diligent work done by the Devices Engineering team, our customers are still an essential part of the story and clearly positioned as the heroes. The narrative depicts our engineering team as the mentor and enabler to our hero customers.

  • The narrative, music and visuals work together to deliver an emotional impact rarely found in employee videos.
  • Remember that a great script and voice over, if done well, can be applied to your storytelling efforts.
  • A clearly defined creative brief, a great copywriter and a cohesive story can make all the difference.


This is a great example of our storytelling framework in action, told in a very emotive way from our customers' perspective. You will notice that WAVE is not introduced until the end. The majority of the video is spent on articulating the problem, building tension and identifying the solution.

  • Our customers clearly articulate their problem (a man has gone missing).

  • They do a great job of building tension (will they find him in time?).

  • They kept forging ahead, even though the odds of finding him are slim.

  • Then the WAVE solution is introduced (a man is alive because of us).



This brochure does a beautiful job of introducing a new, potentially intimidating, product platform in a way that is simple to understand and engaging.

  • The headline, “Boost your network”, is short, catchy and perfectly captures the essence of what the platform will do for the customer: enable them to boost their LMR network’s capabilities.

  • The copy exemplifies our brand voice: it is personal (great use of “you” phrasing) and confident without being arrogant. It is also very clear and conversational - it breaks down the components of the platform in a way that is not only easy to understand, but fun to read.

  • The photography is used to support the core value proposition of the platform throughout the piece; highlighting the various target markets for the platform and depicting use cases in which it would be used.


The information in this brochure is well organized and easy to follow.

  • The headlines and sub-headers make it easy to scan and quickly identify areas of interest.

  • The visuals do a great job of supporting the content.

  • The copy is written in our brand voice and uses "we", "you" and "your" to personalize the message. We are talking to you, not at you.



This data sheet is more than a listing of technical specifications. It’s a clean, modern, and engaging way to present the value of the product, before providing all the technical specifications that a user may need to make an informed decision.

  • The introductory paragraph has a powerful opening hook, “Don’t bring consumer broadband to a commercial site,” which engages the reader right away and makes them want to learn more.

  • The positioning paragraphs below the introduction provide a great overview of the overarching solution before delving too deep into product details. They clearly demonstrate the “why.”

  • The layout is clean, with plenty of white space, ensuring that the reader is not overwhelmed by copy. The color chord is complementary and gives the piece a modern look.


This datasheet is simple and direct.

  • The content on the first page quickly articulates the value.

  • The features are immediately tied to "what's in it for the customer": It features an architecture that scales from one site to 5000 or more, and allows you to easily add new users or capabilities.



This white paper does a great job of providing critical information in an easily digestible manner, with sub sections providing additional details.

  • This is a good example of using our graphic elements and photography to support the content.

  • Headlines divide up the content making the paper easy to scan, follow and understand.

  • Highlights our knowledge and expertise in a confident and trusted manner.