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Man Down Notifier

Man Down Notifier (MDN) app to increase lone worker safety.

Teldio's Man Down Notifier (MDN) app dispatches notifications when the radio’s option board accelerometer (motion sensor) detects lack of movement, horizontal tilt or both.

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Man Down Notifier

Man Down Notifier (MDN) proactively monitors workers to identify if they have suffered a fall or accident. It does so by dispatching a notification to the appropriate response group when the radio’s option board accelerometer (motion sensor) detects lack of movement, horizontal tilt or both. Its rich functionality, including tilt recalibration, sleep timer and pre-alarm configuration, significantly reduce the number of false alarms while ensuring mobile workers are protected. When paired with the TruFleet application, Man Down alarms include the last known location of a radio. 

Use Cases & Benefits

  • Enhanced worker safety: MDN is an intelligent lone worker safety application that lets employees complete their jobs while monitoring their safety in the background. Customizable parameters allow for a flexible solution that is sure to enhance lone worker safety. MDN automatically sends a notification to response teams or individuals so that when a lone worker needs help, help will come.

  • Increased situational awareness: MDN emits a loud audible audio beacon from the MOTOTRBO™ radio when a man down alarm is triggered. This feature greatly reduces the response time to MDN alarms. MDN uses intelligent man down algorithms to detect the well-being of workers and is calibrated to the reference point best suited for that particular worker and emits a pre-alarm so that workers can cancel the MDN alarm. When paired with the TruFleet location, the radio user’s last known location is included in the alarm information. 

  • Frequent use cases include:
  1. Utility worker completing a tricky repair in the field
  2. Security guard on patrol during the night shift
  3. Maintenance engineer completing his rounds in the facility
  4. Campus security guards on patrol
  5. Construction workers completing jobs in hazardous sites
  6. Worker in lab completing tests with hazardous chemicals
  • Enhanced worker safety
  • Increased situational awareness
  • Decreased Response Time
  • Notification to multiple parties simultaneously
  • Intelligent man down detection algorithms to detect when a worker is in need of help
  • Aubidle alarm beacons to help locate workers
  • Pre-alarms to allow users to cancel false alarms
  • Configurable detection mode that allows users to turn MDN on and off as needed
  • Sleep mode to temporarily disable man down detection
  • Configurable parameters for motion, tilt, pre-alarm and sleep mode timers
  • Automatic emergency notification to the appropriate group when alarms are triggered
  • Complementary operation alongside RBX on the same MOTOTRBO™ expansion card
  • Alarm notifications can be simultaneously sent via different dispatch methods (radio text, email, audio alerts, SMS etc.)
  • When paired with TruFleet, the alarm includes the last known location of the user in alarm.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility

  • Up to 2 XPR 5000/e Series Radio as Control Station(s) to send text and/or audio to any MOTOTRBO™ Radios.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems

  • The solution is a Teldio Edge Gateway application and does not require any additional hardware for core software application. 

IP Technology

  • IP connections may be needed depending on the MDN alarm output methods. Information will be provided on a per deployment basis.


  • Additional interfaces may be required depending on the MDN alarm output methods Information will be provided on a per deployment basis. 

System Architecture

  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Connect Plus
  • Capacity Max