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Teldio Lone Worker

Lone Worker (LW) app to increase lone worker safety.

Teldio’s Lone Worker (LW) app automatically sends messages at specific time intervals to confirm workers are safe.

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Teldio Lone Worker

Lone Worker (LW) is a cost-effective solution to periodically monitor the safety of your mobile lone workers. The application works with the Teldio Edge Gateway to monitor workers who are working alone and sends Check-In messages to your employees directly on their radios. Should a worker not respond to a Check-In message, LW triggers an alarm and notifies the response group. When paired with the TruFleet soluton, LW can send out alarms with location information. 

Use Cases & Benefits

  • Enhanced worker safety: Once a Check-In message is sent, a pre-alarm is activated and users have a set amount of time to respond before an alarm is raised. If a user hasn’t responded by halfway through the set time, a reminder will be sent letting them know how long they have to respond before an alarm is raised. This automatic trigger ensures a quick and streamlined response time to the unresponsive lone worker.

  • Increased situational awareness: With LW’s flexible activation and deactivation options, workers, supervisors, and administrators are reassured that lone workers are never left to their own demise. It is a cost-effective solution to ensure that response personnel are notified when a lone worker fails to respond. Individuals responsible to respond to these alarms are contacted on the device of their choice: cell phone, email or radio. When paired with the TruFleet location, the -radio user’s last known location is included in the alarm information. 

  • Frequent use cases include:
  1. Workers repairing broken heavy machinery
  2. Security guards on patrol during the night shift
  3. Maintenance engineers completing their rounds in the facility
  4. Campus security guards on patrol need backup
  5. Construction workers completing jobs in hazardous site need help
  6. Workers in lab completing tests with hazardous chemicals have a chemical spill
  • Enhanced worker safety
  • Increased situational awareness
  • Decreased Response Time
  • Notification to multiple parties simultaneously
  • Customizaion to fit different work environments and workers with different types of tasks
  • Adjustable inactivity and pre-alarm timers
  • Supports Motorola Solutions Sign-In Feature
  • Web based, live dashboard to monitor and manage Lone Worker status
  • Alarm notifications can be simultaneously sent via differnt dispatch methods (radio text, email, audio alerts, SMS etc.)
  • When paired with TruFleet, the alarm includes the last known location of the user in alarm

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility

  • Up to 2 XPR 5000/e Series Radio as Control Station(s) to send text and/or audio to any MOTOTRBO Radios.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems

  • The solution is a Teldio Edge Gateway application and does not require any additional hardware for core software application. 

IP Technology

  • IP connections may be needed depending on the LW alarm output methods. Information will be provided on a per deployment basis. 


  • Additional interfaces may be required depending on the LW alarm output methods Information will be provided on a per deployment basis. 

System Architecture

  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Connect Plus
  • Capacity Max