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Boost transparency, enhance communication, promote greater partnership, reduce risk, and increase operational flexibility to stay one step ahead. With collaborative tools and emergency call handling software - you’re able to gain the situational awareness that enables you to make clearer decisions on managing incidents effectively.

CommandCentral Community enables you to boost transparency by addressing your community’s desire to know what is happening around them so they can be more aware. Enhancing communications, CommandCentral Community promotes better ways to interact with those you serve, embracing new technologies to stay connected and empowering the public to be true public safety partners.

CommandCentral Control Room Solution helps save clicks, save seconds, and save lives. Integrate all critical voice, data and multimedia communications into one intuitive unified system to meet the needs of call takers and dispatchers. Coordinate faster responses, enhance situational intelligence and improve efficiency so you can focus on keeping the frontline safe, so they can keep the public safe.


How you manage an incident impacts public safety. Ensure the right resources are dispatched and improve response times, use real-time intelligence to improve situational awareness to provide the eyes and ears for your colleagues arriving on scene, and enhance collaboration for emergency responders and automate tasks and reporting - letting your frontline remain focused on the safety of the communities they serve and increasing their visibility to the public too.

CommandCentral Aware allows you to have eyes and ears on the scene in seconds - unifying voice, data and video into one view and one workflow for a safer and faster response. Act with greater context, respond quickly and maximise the power of video so you’re able to have the right information at the right time.

Keep frontline officers focused and efficient by enabling them to quickly communicate with dispatch, and to easily capture information and evidence in the field without returning to base.

Pronto, a digital policing application, ensures frontline officers have access to information while out on the streets, enabling greater situational awareness before and during deployments. It means they can respond to, manage and resolve incidents promptly and efficiently. Pronto supports frontline operational processes with simplified end to end workflows that reduce duplication and cater for all eventualities and outcomes. From initial response to giving evidence in Court, Pronto digital policing is your single user interface in maintaining a complete chain-of-custody. Through its integration with multiple siloed systems and the intuitive reuse of data, Pronto is helping the police service streamline workflows.

MXP600 is a rugged, lightweight, yet fully capable mission-critical TETRA portable radio that is easy to carry and use. Built for frontline officers, the radio offers exceptional operational range, Bluetooth® 5 with Secure Connections and innovative noise-cancelling technology for loud and clear audio.

Body-Worn Cameras improve the safety and accountability of front-line Officers and delivers valuable insight from the wearer’s perspective to protect your people from abusive threats and to prove their professionalism.

In-Car Video makes sure you keep a complete record, with in-car and motorcycle video camera system, because out on patrol, you never know what to expect: the situation can escalate from routine to life-threatening in seconds.


Effective resolutions rely on effective evidence. Capture, centralise and protect your data, from community tip offs to emergency call requests, radio and event logs, sensors, video and witness statements - from call to case closure. Digital evidence management enables you to add information to an incident record and share it in real-time while also preserving the chain of custody, streamlining investigations, and creating new insights.

CommandCentral Evidence ensures you can capture, centralise and protect all of your evidential data. Enable the frontline to add information to an incident record that can be shared in realtime while also preserving the chain of custody, streamlining investigations. The software also lets you create new insights to ensure justice is achieved. Evidence is only as good as it is admissible - CommandCentral Evidence provides a digital evidence management platform to facilitate simplified and secure sharing of case content with partner agencies and judicial partners.

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