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Question 1

How many users do you have on your communications network?

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With digital two-way radio, you can extend push-to-talk functionality to smartphones or tablets for instant, seamless communication across radio and cellular networks.

Question 2

How many communication devices do each of your users carry?

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Digital two-way radio converges voice and data so your users can access everything they need on one device.

Question 3

What is your main reason for using two-way communications?

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Digital two-way radio does everything an analog system can do, while adding a whole range of additional capabilities.

Question 4

Which data application is most important for your workers' on-the-job success?

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Digital two-way radio allows applications to run on push-to-talk (PTT) handsets, so users need fewer devices and have faster access to essential information.

Question 5

What is the biggest challenge with your current two-way radio/communications device set-up?

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Digital allows for longer battery life and greater coverage, as well as more control over system design and features.

Question 6

What is the main reason your organization has not yet made the move to digital?

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Switching to digital does not have to mean a big upfront investment and can actually lead to significant operational and capex savings.

Question 7

How many two-way radio users do you expect to add in the next two years?

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A digital two-way radio infrastructure is agile and grows with your business to meet your evolving needs.

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