Intelligence-Led Public Safety

Intelligence-Led Public Safety

Imagine what would happen if public safety agencies were able to harness the endless flow of data available in today’s world and access the right information in the moments that matter. Instead of limited situational awareness, lack of strategic support, and wasted operational time, agencies would have better and more informed decision making capabilities. Citizens and first responders would be safer, response times would be faster, and incident rates would be lower. Up to this point, these capabilities have been limited with the technology available to public safety agencies.

Motorola’s Intelligence-Led Public Safety solutions change that. By bringing together disjointed data, systems and technologies, these innovative solutions turn noise into actionable intelligence and delivers it to the right people just when they need it. This revolutionizes public safety agencies by leveraging technology to enable them to take action in real-time, be ready for what’s next and focus on their mission.

  • Unified real-time intelligence in a Real-Time Crime Center, on the street or any operational environment.
  • Integrate existing agency records and databases with publicly available data sources for enhanced situational awareness.
  • Share streaming video and other multimedia between communications centers, first responders or any other personnel.
  • Enable full command of situations directly from the Real-Time Intelligence Client through encrypted, mission-critical voice capabilities with the integrated radio console.
  • Access actionable intelligence directly from a secured browser on virtually any device.

Incident Response

Real-time situations require real-time actionable mission-critical intelligence. Translate information captured from cameras and other multimedia sources, sensors and databases into real-time crime fighting tools, enabling enhanced situational awareness and multi-agency collaboration.

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Proactive Policing

Design, implement, manage and support advanced data and video security solutions that give you access to public and private data systems as well as video from in-vehicle video cameras, public and private cameras and citizen videos from smart phones, for use as evidence in a trial.

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Investigative Analysis

Advanced video security solutions and data search enable real-time, rich media collaboration and dramatically enhance situational awareness, making your video and data accessible when you need it from anywhere in your public safety network.

Investigative Analysis COMPONENTS

Investigative Analysis Partners

  • NICE Systems
    NICE Systems

    NICE Systems provides solutions that capture and analyze interactions and transactions, realize intent, and extract and leverage insights to deliver impact in real time.
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  • BriefCam

    Provides effective access to recorded surveillance video and enables the end user to find and display any event in only a few minutes.
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