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Motorola Solutions provides thorough, customized, end-to-end solutions that meet the many mission-critical and business-critical needs our customers experience every day.

How to Buy

Next Generation Public Safety

Whether you are a local, state or federal government agency you need reliable communications you can depend on to get the job done.

Fire and Emergency Medical Services

By integrating unparalleled voice, immersive data applications and radios designed for firefighters, responders are able to work safer and smarter to improve real-time decision-making capabilities.


Turn your guests into lifelong advocates by delighting them the moment they reach your door. Seamless communications help deliver the guest service that keep them coming back.


Optimize your plant production, coordinate activities throughout the warehouse and manage the complexities of the supply chain.

Military and Defense

Motorola Solutions is dedicated to delivering dependable, nimble and secure communications solutions to meet the needs of US federal and defense customers today and tomorrow.


Motorola offers a complete wireless solutions portfolio that greatly helps digitization of municipal administration processes.

Oil and Gas

Next generation communication solutions can bridge the gap between supply and demand. They enable better decision-making for greater safety and productivity.


Create a seamless shopping experience for your customers with well informed and coordinated staff. Improve communications between store associates and managers to create real-time flow of information and turn shoppers into loyal advocates of your brand.

Transportation and Logistics

Accelerate productivity and coordinate the movement of people and cargo with clear and continuous communications. Link your locations and people with immediate access to real-time critical data.