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Body-worn Camera Accessories

Select from a variety of carry solutions that ensure your Video Speaker Microphone (VSM) fits securely, even during a foot chase. All carry solutions have been designed to optimize the location of your video recording functionality. A multi-unit charger simultaneously charges up to six devices, keeping your batteries charged and your work station organized. With the standard or high-capacity battery options, keep your Si Series VSM going no matter how long the shift.

How to Buy

  • VSM to APX Cable

    Replacement cable for connecting the Si Series Video Speaker Microphone to an APX two-way radio.

  • Carry Holster

    This carry holster provides flexibility for different wearing positions.

  • Receive-Only Earpiece

    This receive only earpiece ensures discrete audio and features a clear comfort eartube for all day wear.

  • Peter Jones Mount

    This Peter Jones stud hard-mounts to your vest with screws and provides a secure fit for your body-worn camera.

  • Multi-Unit Charger

    This drop-in charger allows you to charge up to six devices simultaneously.

  • Shoulder Strap, Left

    This shoulder strap provides a secure fit for the video speaker microphone and is worn on the left shoulder.

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