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Motorola Trunked User Group

Apply for membership in the Motorola Trunked Users Group
Membership to the Motorola Trunked Users Group (MTUG) is limited to Public Safety/Public Service agencies that own, operate or utilize a Motorola trunked radio system or have such a system on order.
There are two classifications of membership.
  • Active Member
    An Active member is a full time employee of a Public Safety/ Public Service Agency, who is the authorized voting representative for the agency. Each multi-agency or multi-jurisdictional system may have one active member from each participating agency provided the agency is active in the administration and management of the system.

  • Associate member
    Any employee of an eligible agency or an employee of an agency utilizing the resources of an eligible agency can join as an associate member. There is no limit to the number of associate members. Associate members shall receive all benefits of an Active member except voting privileges.
You will need your Motorola customer number and the name of your Motorola Account Representative when filling out the application.