Features and Benefits

Motorola has a continuing history of leadership in enhancing TETRA security. Examples of our leadership include being the first to supply TETRA complaint Air Interface Encryption (2000), the first with TETRA compliant Class 3 encryption (2003) and the first to offer Group Cipher Key (2007). As a result of this leadership Motorola is able to securely deliver and maintain the following capabilities:

  • Confidentiality
    • No one can eavesdrop on what is being said
  • Authenticity
    • The people we are talking to are the right people
    • The wrong people can’t try and join or monitor
  • Integrity
    • The information gets there completely and intact
  • Availability
    • Communications are possible when and wherever needed
  • Accountability (Non-repudiation)
    • Whoever said something, cannot deny it later

Motorola’s security solutions are fully proven. Our solutions have been fully evaluated by security agencies in several countries to prove their suitability to protect communications relating to national security.