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Cross-Industry Solutions

Cross Industry Solutions

Gain the real-time visibility you need — from customer accounts to inventory to assets — to do business better and faster.

Incident Scene and Event Management

Interoperable networks deliver voice, data and video technology so your event management teams can quickly take control of a situation.
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Field Mobility

Mobility is good for business but challenging for a central office. Transform operations with solutions that keep field teams working in real time.
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Location Services

Locate personnel and assets in real time with this GPS-based solution that enables you to assign them where they are most needed.
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Warehouse Management

Warehouse management solutions through the use of mobile and wireless technologies, do more than cut costs from your supply chain. By automating and streamlining workflows, responding to customers with improved flexibility and better managing risk, you convert your warehouse and distribution networks from cost centers into forces of differentiation.

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Fleet Management Solutions for Wholesale Distribution

Real-time data on each vehicle in the fleet gives you the confidence that service issues can be addressed quickly and drivers and trucks are safe.
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Mission Critical Communications

Interoperable response and efficient incident management technology puts critical information in front of first responders, wherever they are.
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Integrated Voice and Data Solutions

Ensure seamless reliability, even if you select a specialized device for each employee, for the ultimate enterprise-wide communications solution.
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