Mobile Dispatch, Pickup and Delivery Solutions


Features and Benefits

Use real-time data to track and manage pickups and deliveries

  • Accurately document all delivery information by giving drivers the ability to capture package bar code information, document proof of condition, and record recipient names and time of delivery.
  • Increase deliveries and reduce cash-to-cash cycle times with real-time visibility into the delivery cycle.
  • Keep informed of freight status at all times with tracking capabilities.
  • Maximize fleet productivity by scheduling pickups in conjunction with deliveries.
  • Give drivers instant access to the day’s manifest and transmit delivery information back to your central office instantly.

Enhance customer experience by empowering your drivers with mobility

  • Enable your driver to make on-the-spot transactions, instantly correct any mistake and place correction orders, and enable customers to track their shipments online.
  • Ensure shipments are delivered on time by optimizing routes, communicating with drivers in real-time, and keeping track of last-minute changes.

Increase sales by providing value adding Services at the customer´s doorstep

  • With a Mobile Payment Solution in hand, delivery drivers are able to offer customers greater payment options for cash-on delivery (COD) orders.
  • Benefit from lucrative new up-selling opportunities, for example selling stamps and other related items right at the door.

Continuous communications on the road or at the customer site

  • Enable drivers to communicate clearly and reliably, with a flexible, the Mobile Computer with integrated LAN/PAN.
  • Provide up-to-the-minute data using a total communication platform
  • Instantly contact a customer, co-worker or a dispatch group with voice, push-to-talk (PTT) services and text messaging.

Cut costs and eliminate paperwork

  • Automate the collection and processing of shipment information, increasing the accuracy of trailer-load reports.
  • Advanced data capture for 1D or 1D/2D bar codes enables drivers to scan packages and dynamically record their deliveries while imaging allows them to electronically capture signatures as well as snap photos for proof of delivery.