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PRO7150 Elite Professional Portable Radio


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Power and versatility are yours with the Motorola PRO7150 Elite •XLS™ professional portable two-way radio. At just 9.5 ounces, this full-keypad portable radio is compact and lightweight. This radio's many outstanding features include: six programmable buttons, a full range of signaling options and dual mode operation capability, which switches between LTR® and Conventional modes. User-friendly icons on the 14-character alphanumeric display of the PRO7150 Elite provide clear, understandable information at a glance.

Features and Benefits

Expansive coverage area
Connects to 160 conventional channels and 15 trunked zones with 16 talkgroups each.

Quik CallTM and MDC 1200 signaling
Sends and receives through features such as Push-to-Talk, Selective Call and Call Alert.

Alphanumeric, 14-character display
Uses icons and text to provide clear indication.

Comfortable ergonomic design
Light weight makes radios easy to hold and carry.

Audio enhancement
Reduces background noise and improves sound quality.

Scanning capabilities
Secures your ability to receive every transmission.

Versatile accessories
Allows users to customize radios as business evolves.

Voice-operated transmission
Enables hands-free operation with optional headset.

Programmable emergency button
Sounds alarm or alerts dispatcher in urgent situations.