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Transportation and Logistics

From passenger security to fleet management, these transportation and logistics industry solutions move people and cargo safely and efficiently.

Transportation and logistics are essential components to your enterprise’s productivity. Whether by air, ground or sea, access to real-time data and always-on communications are critical. With specialized technology designed for each logistical category, you can accelerate productivity, profitability and operations. Discover the added benefits of the numerous transportation and logistics solutions offered by Motorola.

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  • Fleet Management

    Count on the most efficient fleet management solutions to meet the demands of rising fuel costs, compliance mandates and increased customer service expectations. Motorola mobile technology combined with partner applications allow you to communicate with your drivers anytime, anywhere; proactively repair and maintain your fleet; track driver and vehicle performance and seamlessly integrate voice and data communications.

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  • Receiving and Sortation

    Motorola's warehouse receiving and sorting solutions combine our mobile technology and radio communications with our partner applications to enable you to electronically capture data in real time, communicate it to your Warehouse Management System (WMS) and use ASN and GS1 information to reconcile order details quickly upon receipt of shipment. With these new warehouse sorting capabilities, you can ensure traceability for inbound materials and accelerate the identification of shortages, discrepancies or damages before they negatively impact your downstream warehouse processes and your ability to respond to customer demand.

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  • Terminal Operations

    With route management capabilities for your transportation operation, you can coordinate drivers to take the most efficient routes and match the best available loads with the best available trucks. Drivers also can be notified, via data or voice, about a new delivery destination, change in route, or emergency pickup. And, when your drivers arrive at the terminal, you will know the exact contents of a shipment, where it should be loaded, unloaded and cross-docked, and be prepared to direct the movement of trailers efficiently from inbound to outbound docks.

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  • Wireless Infrastructure & Security

    Is your business aviation? Is it a port or other maritime business? Are you a pipeline operator? A railroad company? Whatever mode of the transportation industry you're in, your economic and enterprise environments are rapidly evolving and you're trying to cope with a number of major issues: increased competition, tougher customers, more stringent regulations, and of course, rising costs across the board. The Motorola's wireless newtork solutions enables real time access to IP-based voice, video and data to virtually every transportation environment.

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  • Device and Asset Management

    Tracking all of your mobility communications assets is a daunting task, especially when equipment is distributed to hundreds of people, shared by many resources or re-allocated between agencies. Making the most cost-effective decisions on your mobility devices requires accurate, easy-to-analyze data. This service identifies lost devices and those that need service, as well as each device’s warranty, history, software version, to whom it has been assigned, repair record, and much more.

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