ASTRO® 25 HPD Solutions


Features and Benefits

ASTRO 25 High performance data is designed to meet the special needs of private data networks for rapid decision making providing:

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity – creates a "virtual office" for mobile workers by delivering text, data and images instantly. Users can perform a wide variety of critical tasks in a mobile environment.

Application support – HPD can support applications that can help workers to be more productive and to be better informed. Applications such as

  • Text messaging
  • Browser access
  • Mobile identification
  • Remote reporting
  • Geographical location
  • Command and control

Seamless mobility – across multiple integrated data, HPD, and Mesh networks using the Multi-net Mobility router

Proven success – Motorola the leader in mission critical networks has installed ASTRO 25 networks with public safety agencies around the world. This proven success can provide you the confidence you need that Motorola can meet your needs.