Mobile Broadband: Public Safety LTE


Features and Benefits

We provide agencies with immediate access to a public safety grade LTE solution that is fully compatible with industry standards and interoperable with commercial operator LTE systems for nationwide roaming. Leveraging our vast experience in serving public safety, Motorola is developing applications and user devices that will operate on standards-compliant LTE networks and deliver specific public safety grade functionality.

Agencies can deploy an LTE solution for immediate access to high bandwidth data and video information, and then later add applications and services designed for public safety for a higher grade of service.

Public Safety Grade Security, Reliability, and Performance
Motorola offers hardened networks and user devices built to withstand the harsh environment public safety often operates in, while keeping data secure from unauthorized view.

Nationwide Interoperability
When public safety professionals travel off of the Motorola Public Safety LTE network, they can have interoperability and secure roaming onto carrier 3G and 4G networks. Agencies can also directly access a secure provisioning and management terminal to add, delete and change user accounts in real time on both the Public Safety LTE network and the carrier networks, whether to support day-to-day operations, planned events or an emergency response.

Public Safety Features and Options
Agencies can link LTE and two-way radio users together with secure, voice push-to-talk (PTT), and dynamically prioritize users and data serving the most critical incidents, de-prioritize non-essential traffic and when necessary pre-empt. First responders can experience real-time wireless video streaming that adapts to the changing signal quality inherent with wireless broadband.