Fireground Communications


Features and Benefits

Personnel Accountability
Identifies and monitors the working assignments of all resources on scene. ID information can be configured to display name, riding position and sector assignment on the incident command terminal.

Evacuation Tone
An integrated evacuation feature allows the incident commander to wirelessly transmit an evacuation signal to all XTS 5000 radios on the scene.

Emergency Indication
When a critical situation arises, the emergency button on the radio activates an alarm on the incident comment terminal, signaling that someone is in trouble.

Channel Announcement
Informs the emergency responder which channel or sector assignment the radio user has selected for voice communications and accountability designation.

Battery Status Indicator
Enables the incident commander to visually see on the command terminal the battery strength of each firefighter's XTS 5000 and whether the battery should be replaced.

The Fireground application has the ability to automatically or manually send a poll message to XTS 5000 units to provide the Incident Commander with a constant update with each firefighter's radio ID, sector information, and battery capacity.