RFID Government Solutions


Features and Benefits

Wide array of applications
RFID provides visibility and creates automation that government agencies need to provide services to civilian agencies. The following applications are samples of the unique and innovative ways that governments are deploying RFID to increase services to the public.


RFID for Federal Agencies

  • Border and Immigration Security
  • Cargo and Container Security
  • Food and Cold Chain Safety (Product Authentication and Temperature Tracking)
  • Livestock & AgricultureTracking
  • Military Personnel Relocation Services
  • Military Supply Chain (Supply chain Shipping, Receiving and Logistics)
  • Pharmaceutical Track and Trace
  • Trusted Traveler Control Systems

RFID for Municipal and State and Local Agencies

  • Asset & Inventory Control
  • Firefighter Locationing /Emergency Service Personnel Locationing
  • First Responder Evacuation Services
  • Library & Document Management
  • Motor Vehicle Registration & Parking Enforcement
  • Public Transportation Locationing Services(City/State/Municipal)
  • Security and Access Control
  • Voter Equipment Tracking