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ASTRO-TAC 9600 Comparator


ASTRO-TAC 9600 Comparator
  • ASTRO-TAC 9600 Comparator

The ASTRO-TAC™ 9600 digital Simulcast™ and voting comparator is used with ASTRO® 25 systems to achieve the best transmission signal possible and enhance received audio quality in weak signal areas. Fully compatible with Project 25 (P25) standards to ensure exceptional interoperability, the sophisticated software design of the ASTRO-TAC 9600 also allows system migration and feature upgrades via software enhancements.

Features and Benefits

Network Time Protocol
Allows for system level time ensuring that key devices on your system record events at the same time to improve fault diagnostics and call activity tracking

Advanced software design
System migration and feature upgrades enabled via system level software enhancements to products on the network.

Sophisticated Configuration Management
Easier and quicker system-level configuration is enabled via Simple Network Management Protocol.

Project 25 Compliance
Ensures interoperability across agencies and jurisdictions.

Enhanced quality and configuration
  • Sophisticated voting algorithms mix inputs from multiple receivers to improve weak signals.
  • Configuration service software facilitates built-in diagnostics and system troubleshooting.


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