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PremierOne™ CAD
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PremierOne™ CAD helps agencies improve response times, efficiently allocate resources and better inform first responders. PremierOne CAD, a dynamic and intuitive application, utilizes its common services platform to compile and display precise data specific to an agency’s workflow.

Its highly customizable user interface offers quick access to information via a true location-based, GIS-data map. This powerful GPS-aided resource management tool displays the pinpoint location and identity of mobile units—enabling a more efficient and coordinated response.

PremierOne CAD delivers real-time information into the hands of those who need it most to make better decisions for better outcomes.

Features and Benefits

PremierOne™ CAD helps agencies improve response times, efficiently allocate resources and better inform first responders through improved information gathering and situational awareness.

PremierOne CAD offers:

  • Greater level of tailoring at each agency level
  • Extensible interfaces adapt to requests from other agencies and departments
  • Designed from the ground up to meet your agency’s needs, today and tomorrow

Intuitive, User-Centric Interface
  • Quickly and intuitively organizes and displays relevant information
  • Critical information is displayed on a single screen level
  • Order and syntax of command line entries can be customized for greater process efficiencies, quicker training and reduced error rates

Geospatial Intelligence
  • Direct access to spatial databases enables location verification and information storage
  • Geo-routing and calculations provide robust incident and unit management
  • A real-time view of resources provides heightened awareness of organizational deployment, community hot spots and unresolved community needs for greater personnel mobilization and allocation efficiencies
  • Instant Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) playback is directly accessible from the dispatcher map

Advanced Functionality
  • Photographs, video and other multimedia files from an incident record can be stored for future reference
  • Intelligent agency-defined command line provides prompts to assist in training of new personnel
  • Supervisor dashboard provides real-time views into dispatch center operations
  • Intuitive “Work Assist” feature provides rapid access to necessary information
  • Automatic searching for previous vehicles, persons and incidents enables a more informed response
  • Browser-based administration tools provided for system configuration, provisioning, monitoring and reporting
  • Enhanced incident recall uses wildcard and partial search capabilities
  • Role-based security eases administrative and maintenance of authorization levels
  • Integrates with the Motorola MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Console for simplified operations, improved data accuracy and enhanced dispatch efficiencies.

One Platform
  • A common platform ensures the ability to share consistent and uniform information across other PremierOne and third-party applications
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) designed on Microsoft® .NET technology increases operational, reporting and administrative efficiencies across multiple applications and platforms
  • A scalable architecture supports growth and expansion as public safety needs change


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