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Mobile applications are key to leveraging the power, value and return on investment of your mobile solutions. Now, Motorola's PocketBrowser can significantly reduce the time and cost associated with mobile application development.

This feature-rich, mobile application development tool is designed to allow Web developers to rapidly create robust mobile applications that can include a wide range of advanced data capture capabilities. Whether you want to streamline your warehouse, delivery or service operations, or enable more robust asset tracking or visibility, Motorola PocketBrowser will help you get your enterprise mobility solution up and running.

Features and Benefits

Device Compatibility
Motorola mobile computing devices such as MC3000 Family, MC9000 Series, MC70 and MC50.

Recommended Service
Software Support for PocketBrowser

Web browser
Enables rapid and easy creation of rich, easy-to-use application interfaces.

Open standards-based
Built on Pocket Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer, providing a familiar development environment and tools — eliminating major learning curves.

Integrated scanning, RFID and printing capabilities
Enables robust data capture applications that leverage full mobile device functionality.

Decreases development cost and complexity and provides more control over functionality; expands developer availability.

Patent pending push navigation
Reduces network traffic, saves battery resources and delivers instant information and messages for faster response times and increased productivity.

Offline application and data storage
Delivers application flexibility for diverse deployment environments and keeps productivity high — even when outside of network range.

Thin client application
Simplifies device deployment and management by enabling the update of devices instantly; ensures version consistency.

Operating System (OS) lock-out control
Improves worker productivity by hiding access to distractions such as web-browsing and games; simplifies user interface and eliminates risk of unauthorized changes to device settings.

Provides more control over the functionality of the page to enable advanced application capabilities.

Full screen display
Maximizes available display spacefor a richer, more effective user interface; hides the command bar and Start menu to keep workers focused on the task at hand.

Signature capture capabilities
Enables real-time proof of delivery applications with minimal development time and costs.

HTTP/FTP file transfer
Enables transfer of files (including signature capture and digital photos) for immediate proof of delivery, package condition and more.

Extensive logging capabilities
Flexibility to easily and centrally monitor mobile devices, reducing management and support effort.

System Requirements
Windows CE 4.2 Pro and above or Windows Mobile 2003 and above


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