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ASTRO Digital XTL 5000 Consolette


ASTRO Consolette
  • ASTRO Consolette

The XTL 5000 Consolette is ideal for local law enforcement, utility and transportation users that need a low cost RF control station solution within an ASTRO® 25 system and want a wireless dispatch solution. The XTL 5000 Consolette can also be utilized as an emergency backup station for when the infrastructure is off-line, as a low cost dispatch center for state and local agencies, and as a fire station alerting system.

Features and Benefits

Due to the FCC Narrowbanding mandate in the United States, product specifications and brochures for Motorola Solutions two-way radio products may indicate 25 kHz/12.5 kHz analog/digital operation which may not be the standard mode of operation at the time of shipment after Jan. 1st 2013.

Control setups:

  • Local Control: for use with the XTL 5000 W7 style control head (Option G80).
  • Digital Remote Control: for use with a digital remote deskset(s). Requires an MC3000 Deskset Controller for operation (Option G81).
  • Tone Remote Control: for use with a device that supports tone remote control (Option L146 and Option G80).
  • Gold Series Elite/MCC 5500  Control: for use with a Console via its digital interface —ex. — ACIM (Option L146 and G80). When equipped with Digital ID Display (Option G114), the consolette will report IDs to the console.


Voice communication modes:

  • Normal analog (clear voice)
  • 3.6kb ASTRO digital (both clear and coded voice)
  • 9.6KB ASTRO digital (both clear and coded voice)


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