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Designed specifically for government, PremierOne CSR helps you be more responsive, deliver high-quality services and give residents up-to-the-minute information.

PremierOne CSR Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution streamlines response by automatically routing service requests, weeding out duplicates, and coordinating work among your teams. PremierOne CSR automates work processes, dispatches crews, tracks progress, and keeps constituents informed — all while producing and maintaining statistical data for agency stakeholders.

Features and Benefits

PremierOne CSR connects your agency with the residents of your community.

Whether it’s about a pothole, a water bill or suspicious activity, citizens are contacting you every day.   These routine interactions form their perception of government and how well it works for them.  PremierOne CSR will help you provide accessible and accountable government services.

From the first contact to the last filled work order, PremierOne CSR helps you capture every detail, identify the right response, dispatch appropriate personnel and inform constituents when the job is done.

PremierOne CSR Contact Center
This sleek, browser-based software tool ensures that call center operators have access to key information at their fingertips. Knowledge Base searches, service request forms, interactive maps and community alerts are brought together to empower your call center agents to address constituent needs.
PremierOne CSR-GIS Integration
Because your agency must focus on events, locations and service delivery patterns, we have created a CRM system built around a data model that fully leverages Geographical Information Systems (GIS).
PremierOne CSR Reporting
PremierOne CSR has a fully integrated reporting solution which facilitates ad-hoc queries, report development and report scheduling to ensure all your data is available when and where you need it most to facilitate effective decision making.
PremierOne CSR Application Hub
Because government service delivery is a complex process that crosses over many business units and departments, we created a standards-based application integration toolkit to bridge PremierOne CSR with your existing legacy systems.


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