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Hearing Protection

Overall safety is an important concern for hunters and shooters. The right hearing protector gear allows outdoorsmen to protect their ears so they may enjoy their sport for years to come. The Motorola Talkabout® Earmuffs provide maximum hearing protection, while allowing shooters to conveniently communicate with their instructor at the shooting range. They are also effective for communication while hunting in the field or between duck blinds without disturbing the game. Simply insert the PTT microphone assembly cable to the headset, and use the PTT microphone located on the cord to communicate while the radio is secured to clothing. With a Noise Reduction Ratio of 21 dB, this earmuff will protect your hearing against harmful sounds. The MHP81 amplifies low-level sounds and provides a safe listening experience through a superior compression technology.

Features and Benefits

Versatile - Multiple Ways to Use
You want to protect your hearing, but you don't want to be isolated from the world. The Talkabout Earmuffs can be used with a Motorola Talkabout two-way radio to communicate with your hunting buddies, with your instructor on the shooting range, or simply used independently. The assembly cables to connect to your Motorola Talkabout two-way radios are included and feature a PTT microphone for unrestricted use with a 2.5mm plug to 2.5 mm plug. A cable to connect to devices using a 3.5mm plug is included as well.

Increase your Situational Awareness
Through the microphones on each cup, low level sounds will be amplified up to four times (up to a 20 dB gain). Stereo microphones provide enhanced situational awareness, with individual volume control on each cup improving your situational awareness even further. For example, you can amplify the commands from the instructor to the left of you, but minimize the sounds coming from the shooter to your right. The individual volume control also allows for those with hearing loss in one ear to adjust accordingly and match their hearing profile. The volume controls for amplification and for external input devices are independent of one another, so you can control them separately.

Suppresses Impulse Sounds
Protection against impulse noise like gun shots through compression. Loud impulse noise like gun shots will be compressed above 85 dB ( /-3dB) with a very fast attack time. Through compression technology you will never lose situational awareness as your system does not shut off above a certain sound level. This is less discomforting for your mind/brain as the system does not shut off and on. We recommend compression in frequent loud noise environments e.g. shooting ranges.

Long Battery life and easy access batteries
Each cup uses two small N batteries that last up to 335 hours of battery life, and are easily accessible for replacement.

All Day Comfort
An extreme low profile cup design will not obstruct when sighting in guns. Super soft ear seals, light adjustable compression headband and super light weight cups will let you wear the earmuffs for extended periods without fatigue. The MHP81 sports a soft overmold on the cup, which provides durability and less noise on contact when sighting in guns.

Superior Stereo Sound
Dual input connectors and superior dual speakers for optimal performance and durability.

Modular Construction
Easy to replace headband and earseals.

Packaging Content
• 1 Electronic Earmuff
• 1 Assembly Cable with PTT microphone for Motorola Talkabout two-way radios
• 1 Assembly cable for audio devices
• 1 Carrying Bag
• 1 User Guide
• Available in hunter green with black overmold

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