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1693 - Two-way Radio Wireless BLUETOOTH® PTT Pod


1693 Wireless PTT Button
  • 1693 Wireless PTT Button


This BLUETOOTH® PTT button pairs with your Motorola BLUETOOTH® compatible Talkabout® radio. When the Talkabout® radio is also paired to a BLUETOOTH® headset, it allows for an entirely wireless solution. Wireless PTT (Push-to-Talk) pods are the fast and flexible way to seamlessly and wirelessly access the PTT functionality.

Features and Benefits

If the radio is under your coat, or you need to keep your wireless earpiece discreet, you can still be in touch using your Motorola wireless PTT pod - just tuck it in your pocket or clip it on your jacket.

Your Motorola large oversized PTT button can be rotated to face any direction and clips on conveniently to any garment. The 1693 BLUETOOTH® PTT pod is ideal for communicating in the outdoors where bulky clothes and the hassle of wires limit your freedom.

Part Wired Option
The 1693 BLUETOOTH® PTT pod can also be used with compatible wired headsets. In this case, pair the PTT pod with your Motorola Talkabout® radio for wireless PTT functionality and plug in a wired headset into the PTT pod for microphone and speaker functionality.

Wireless BLUETOOTH push-to-talk button includes:
• 1 Wireless BLUETOOTH PTT Pod
• 1 Mini-USB charging adaptor
• 1 User guide

• Rechargeable Li-polymer cell (non-replaceable battery included) with 140 mAH capacity
• Battery life: Min. 8 hours with 5/5/90% duty cycle
• Mini-USB plug for charging (mini-USB charging adaptor included)
• Headset connector (for 3 pin Talkabout® headsets 56320, 53725, and 53728 )
• Removable clip with multi-directional placement options
• *IP40

*Protection against touching with tools, wires; protection against small solid bodies.


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