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Wireless Network Solutions

WiNG 5 WLAN Solutions

Our WiNG 5 WLAN solutions are the less complicated, less expensive way to more capacity, more agility, and more satisfied users.
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Mobile data offload

Create large public hotspots to offload bandwidth and increase service quality on cellular networks with our highly scalable WLANs.
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Indoor Location

Track anything in your facility — from assets to your workforce — at whatever level you need: presence, zone and location.
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Video over Wireless

Take advantage of video in your enterprise with video caching that protects network bandwidth, access points that can double as video cameras and more.
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Mobile Application Services

Host management and analytics applications right on our controllers and get the simplicity of a single window to manage your entire wireless solution.
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WLAN Cloud Services

Plan, manage and secure your WLAN with Cloud Services that help make enterprise-class wireless LANs a cost-effective reality for small to mid-size businesses.
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